Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

If you are sick and in a state that allows for the usenet medical marijuana you will need to understand where and how you will be able to purchase it for your medical use. This article will discuss some of the restrictions on medical marijuana use and what allow spots are for its purchase.

Where you can't purchase marijuana from?

You are not able to purchase marijuana from any unlicensed dealer or seller of the drug at any time. This is true of individuals looking to sell it on their own as well as unlicensed shops looking to sell the drug. Further, it includes growing it yourself. Marijuana is also known as weed partly because it grows very easily like a weed. Avoid attempts to buy it on your own or to grow it yourself as the fines and penalties associated with doing so can be quite significant.

Where can you purchase medical marijuana from?

You are legally allowed in certain states to purchase marijuana from certain state licensed dispensaries. Most states have a rigorous approval process for new medical marijuana dispensaries which are both heavily taxed and regulated. As a result, states will often benefit from the tax revenues that these Medical Marijuana Dispensary locations bring in and provide a safe supply from those suffering from certain doctor approved ailments. Medical marijuana dispensaries will review doctor prescriptions and verify your eligibility before selling to you. Keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level so even state laws allowing for legal usage of marijuana may leave you susceptible to federal laws though these are typically not enforced in states where medical marijuana is legal.